National Workshop on Internet of Things

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International organization of Scientific Research Journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN)

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The internet of Things has become a central research area with a broad reach across many fields in information technology and adjacent domains. The vision for the Internet of Things has always been the creation of complex interacting systems that allows for seamless information exchange between physical and digital objects. Thanks to the wide availability of smart phones, not only companies but also consumers are part of this networked world. This inter connectivity together with large-scale data processing , machine learning , robotics, and new fabrication techniques lead to a transfer of innovation and business patterns from the digital space into the physical world indicating that we are at the brink of another industrial revolution.

Call for Papers

Papers from researchers describing their original and unpublished research work based on theoretical or experimental contributions related to the below mentioned topics, but not limited to, are solicited for presentation and publication in the Workshop.

"The extended versions of papers from the Workshop will also be invited for potential review and publication in International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems".
I Smart Home Energy engagement
FItness IoT in health care
Cyber Security IoT in Purity Farming
Energy Consumer and Home
Wearables Smart Infrastructure
Software/Networks Surveilance
Connected Cars Transportation
Industrial Internet Industrial
Smart Cities Smart retail
Iot Agriculture Miscellaneous


Dr. Satya Prakash Panda, Chairman
Prof. Jyoti Prakash Mishara, Vice Chairman
Prof. Snigdharani Panda, Secretary
Dr. Mohan Charan Panda, Principal
Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra, HOD(CSE)
Prof. Neelamani Samal
Dr. Jibanananda Jena, Dean(D.S.A)
Prof. Bikash Ch. Pattnaik, Principal(Diploma Wing)
Prof. Prakash Chandra Patra, Faculty Incharge
Dr. Sambit Kumar Mishra, Head(R&D)
Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Sahoo, HOD(EE)
Dr. Pritinika Behera, HOD(ME)
Prof. Balaji Prasad Padhi, HOD(EEE)
Prof. Binaya Kumar Panigrahi, HOD(CE)
Prof. Tapan Kumar Panda, HOD(BSH)
Prof. Jyoti Sankar Kalia, HOD(ECE)
Prof. Nilamadhab Mishra
Prof. Tarun Kumar Behera
Prof. Manas Ranjan Moharana
Prof. Ranjita Rout