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In today's environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. A Lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other.
At GIET emphasis is given on not only making you academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing you for the real life corporate world. This is done by inviting people from industries and top institutions to provide valuable information to our students. We Invite Eminent personalities from various Industries and Institutions to lend valuable Information from their Experiences to our students. Guest Lecture is a way of enriching our students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates, Avenues for Higher studies etc..


A reputation for excellence in research supported by a high caliber staff is reflected in the demand for entry to the fields of Sciences, Engineering & Technology and Humanities from high achieving students. Committed to excellence in fundamental research as well as the development of innovative technologies for the future, GIET offers all initiatives for a quality research training experience for its students. The Institute maintains its relevance to world-class research by linking with industry and business through local and international research networks.
The research strength spans over diverse disciplines like Data Mining, Structural AnalysisCAD/CAM, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, Product Design, Renewable Energy, Information Technology, Solid Physics, Bio Chemistry and Materials Engineering. It also expands to research in basic sciences, applied sciences and biosciences. Emerging fields and key hi-tech disciplines of the future are focussed on. It encourages its researchers to participate in a wide range of international research collaborations. GIET's extensive network creates unique opportunities for conducting and supporting research, particularly in inter- and multi-disciplinary areas.


At the college level, remedial classes are sometimes necessary to compensate for different learning standards. Remedial classes are not necessarily semester or quarter-length classes. The departments of GIET offer crash courses over a few days or weeks in order to bring students up to speed quickly. These are also the standard classes that go for an entire semester, depending on the complexity of the subject taught or the amount of information covered. These classes usually have tests and homework like any other, often with a focus on review to ensure comprehension by students. For details the student can contact the concerned HOD in any semester.
Goals & Objectives of Elite Club - GIET, Bhubaneswar 
Academic excellence in the fields of Science & Technology is the input center of attention area in GIET, Bhubaneswar. Hence acknowledge and appreciation ( the A&A factor ) of academic distinction has to happen to hearten all GIETians. Elite club is a step in this direction with clear goals and objective
Who can be the members of the Club - The following criterion are to be satisfied
* SGPA / CGPA of 9.0 or more
* A minimum of 90 % of attendance
* No indiscipline issues for these members
* Participative in the development of the college
* Good conduct and behavior
Note : Below 9.0 SGPA / CGPA will lead for cancelation of the membership.
 TUTORIALTutorial classes for : Engineering students from all branches (BPUT).
Faculty Profile :
  • Our all faculty belongs to IITs & govt. Engg. colleges of odisha by deserving excellent teaching experience in relavent subject.
Our Responsibility :
  • We guide each candidates individually.
  • We make you perfect in each subject.
  • We fully prepare you covering your syllbus so that you can score an outstanding grades in your examination.
  • We provide best study materials for your success.
  • Weekly & monthly practice test series.
  • Our each class will be valuable supporting your preparation for all technical competitive exams like IES/GATE/PSU.